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CDA Memberships

$ 20.00

COVID-19 caused the cancellation of our two big recruiting events this year, the Fairbanks Outdoor Show and our Annual Meeting. As of July 6, we only have about 50 members out the nearly 10,000 dipnet permits issued by ADF&G each year and the 200-300 members who who regularly join or renew every year. Dues for the year are only $20, or $35 for dues and a locally embroidered hat, a $5 savings over purchasing separately.

This year, more than ever before, your dues are sorely needed! The Association is dependent on you for political clout and funding. We're sending two representatives to the December 2020 Board of Fish meeting in Cordova to represent Copper River personal use dipnetters at this once-every-three-year meeting that decides Prince William Sound/Copper River Finfish allocation issues and regulation changes for the next three years. Change proposals  are discussed, public testimony taken and decisions made. It is essential that we are represented! Various proposals will be made affecting our fishery, including a CDA proposal to extend our fishing area south of the current Haley Creek limit. That proposal must be defended if it has any chance to succeed. 

All sales proceeds and dues are dedicated to the Chitina Dipnetters Association goal: protecting and enhancing the Chitina personal use dipnet fishery. The all-volunteer board of directors can't make this happen without your support!